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Together we can make a difference

When you give to our Charity, you know your donation is making a difference. Whether you are supporting one of our Signature Programs or our carefully curated list of Gifts That Give More, our professional staff works hard every day to ensure every dollar has impact for the cause of your choice.

Our Values

* God’s specific destiny for each person.
* This includes a healthy life and hope for the future.
* Honesty and integrity; we will always deal openly and without deception.
* Respect for others; in particular, each member of our team, our partners and clients.
* Sound management; Keeping sound records and using all our resources wisely.
* Accountability to those who have placed trust in us.
* Loyalty in dealings with those who work for and with us.
* Godliness;
* We will endeavour to lead Godly lives, showing His love and grace in all our dealings.


Our Vision

Families in South East Asia are empowered to move from poverty to a sustainable, dignified future.


Our Mission

To inspire supporters, resource partners and empower the poor.


Our Values

Godliness; We will endeavour to lead Godly lives showing His love and grace in all our dealings.

Our Achivement


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