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Project Summary Outline: Transformational development is the process by which Individuals, families and communities overcome the material, social, psychological and spiritual obstacles that prevent them from living life in all its fullness. The PaP “Transformational Development Project” (TDP) is aimed at equipping rural Church leadership with the attitudes, habits and skills they need to be the agents of transformational, sustainable change in their Church and community. Project time frame: July 2017 to June 30th 2018. Project Contacts: Australia – Max Williams PaP Cambodian coordinator. Project Location: Cambodia. Takeo city, is approximately 80 km South East of the capital Phnom Penh and sits at the centre of a 3,563 sq. Km province with an estimated population of 925,000 people.
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TDP Project # C001 The Transformational Development Project (TDP) leadership training series is all about changing community thinking from a dependence on external funding and resources to one of self-initiated, self-funded sustainable change. Years of funding directed towards projects in South East Asia has helped contribute in many ways to the spread of a dependence mentality. Expectations of village leaders are that funds are usually available if they can canvas people or NGO’s effectively. Someone, somewhere, will usually provide funding for needs based, community focused, proposals. This dependence mentality usually affords scant long-term benefit, it almost always removes incentive to search out sustainable solutions to problems or needs locally. This destructive mentality is common to most organisations including the Church. The PaP transformational development project (TDP) is all about reversing this potentially destructive thinking. The course equips participants with the self-confidence they need to have a go! Participants learn how to identify and harness their God given abilities, implement strategies and provide their own funding for ministry and family.   Participants are encouraged to adopt new and different ways of approaching their personal and community needs, then, in turn, pass on their learning to others in the village. The TDP series of 20, full day, bi weekly, training sessions is delivered using innovative, interactive experiential learning techniques. For most of the trainees this is a new and exciting experience. At the end of the 12-month course trainees continue to meet with PaP staff every second month. The meetings are held in each of the trainee’s respective villages and structured to reinforce course learning together. At these meetings, the group work together to help each other achieve personal goals.   The TDP project now impacts more than 20 villages reaching around 540 people every week through past and present trainees. Funds directed to this project provide: –
  1. Wages for 3 dedicated trainers to conduct bi weekly training seminars, village visits and one on one training where the need exists.
  2. Transport costs for trainers to visit and provide support to trainees spread over a 3,500 square kilometre Province.
  3. The venue cost, resources, meals, transport costs and hand out materials for trainees as they attend the bi weekly training events.
  4. Consultations, on-site support and a small amount of funding for 6 village livelihood projects.
  5. Support office operating costs.
  6. A cross Cambodia, 2-day learning tour, for trainees, enabling them to visit successful self-funded ministry projects. 

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