Takeo Province Cambodia; Micro Village Farm Project

Destitute provincial families have had the opportunity to create an income through our very successful micro village farming projects. This project, was started back in 2009 with a huge success the project has now been completed, the concept was built around a co- operative farm and provided immediate income to workers through the payment of weekly wages, while they produced a range of salable crops and livestock. Most provincial Cambodian families were subsistence rice farmers living on less than $1 day. Children suffered from malnutrition, illness and deprivation with little chance of change. They were unlikely to receive any education and their future held little hope. Time for change PaP worked to change this cycle by establishing small village farms growing a variety of vegetables and livestock. Proceeds from sales covered the initial development cost and provided enough income for the families who worked on the projects. A hand up, not a hand out Once the initial costs were repaid, the capital was then re-deployed into new farms, in the same village or nearby. This way the capital was worked over and over again generating up to $100 in value for each $1 invested into the scheme. When the development costs were recovered and staff were confident of ongoing success, ownership of the farm was transferred to the families involved. After recovery of operating expenses, remaining profits were distributed equally among the families involved. In addition to helping provide an income for the families, PaP will ran an ongoing series of educational programs covering topics such as managing money and resources to family health and hygiene matters.
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Without PaP’s intervention in these villages nothing would have changed, without regular donations from you we would not have completed this project successfully!

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