Work done in Yangon

Mike first came across the Doulos Orphanage in Yangon Myanmar in 2008.  At that time there were eleven children being cared for by Toe Myaing and his wife May May. He became instrumental in raising awareness of their circumstances amongst his family, friends and work colleagues and has managed their financial support since that time. Together with Clive Hebbard he embarked on a project in 2010 to further provide for their well being by building proper dormitory accommodation, sinking a deep bore for clean

water, and building ablution blocks and kitchen facilities. In an endeavor to enable Doulos to become self sustainable, he also helped raise money for the purchase of 15 acres of rice paddy to provide their annual rice requirement. In 2013 Mike began to work toward the establishment of Doulos as a legitimate NGO with proper governance and financial accountability.

Due to similarities with the work of PaP in Cambodia, Mike and Clive were elected to the board of Partners against Poverty in 2015. PaP and its board has taken over the governance of Doulos with Mike and Clive having general oversight. Mike is currently working with the administrators at Doulos to reintegrate the children with family members.

Before & Afters

These photos were taken by a local and he did not have a great camera so please allow for the poor quality of these pictures.

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