Mission Trip Outcome 2017

  1. Each team member had an exciting and challenging experience. They were given every opportunity to engage personally with God, His mission and other believers, across culture and language barriers.
  2. Team members were able to witness for themselves WCC partner ministries in action and to see the outcome of the support provided by Warnbro Worldchangers for training of front line Kingdom workers.
  3. The team finished cleaning, stripping, sanding and repainting a very large 5 class room school building inside and out.
  4. The team provided our hosts with a range of machinery to equip the ministry and future visiting teams.
  5. The team spent an entire day setting up cricket growing nesting boxes and cutting firewood for the dormitory kitchen.
  6. The entire team spent a full day building a large duck enclosure. The enclosure will be used to grow birds to provide meat and eggs to feed live in staff and students.
  7. The team prepared and delivered a comprehensive, full day, first aid training course.
  8. The team prepared and delivered a very detailed, full day, financial IQ seminar.
  9. Team members helped to plant a 2000sqm rice field and build a chicken shed for a local Church.
  10. Rick Luxton delivered a 1 hour training segment on framing positive thoughts for positive outcomes.
  11. Pastor Laden delivered an afternoon open session on ministry issues based on his personal experiences, designed to encourage PaP trainees in their own ministry.
  12. The entire team participated in a half day official opening of the PaP centre/ High school dormitory, renovated by the Jan 2017 WCC team. The opening was attended by key government, education department and local government officials.
  13. Team members each participated in a local rural Church service.
  14. At the end of the trip 6 team members embarked on a 600km Siem Reap tour extension to discover the world famous Angkor Watt temple city along with a floating village tour of Lake Tonle Saap.
  15. Team members had a unique opportunity to learn more about each other and develop long lasting friendships with fellow Christians both Western and Khmer.

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