Our Commitment

Pap has a commitment to a Christian ethos and our unpaid board members comprise people from business, professional and Christian backgrounds with the necessary skills and vision to manage a successful not for profit organisation.  By generating revenue from interest payments the expenses of the organisation are not a drain on donated funds.  PaPʼs structure ensures the board governs in an accountable and professional manner.  PaP may undertake significant social projects such as development of housing for the poor or become involved in manufacturing and exporting, creating much needed jobs and income for those in need.  It may undertake small commercial projects in its own right or in partnership with the poor.  Projects such as the provision of rental farm machinery, establishing rural village farm projects, crop processing or helping to fund something as simple as a street-side food vending cart.  We may provide seed capital to small entrepreneurs wanting to embark on their own business enterprise.  The concept is restricted only by the imagination and vision of the management, directors and the plans of our stakeholders.