Hand up not a Hand out

Itʼs easy to understand a reluctance to give to charities. People may question whether the funds actually reach the cause, and whether it really makes a difference.  The world economic situation has reduced the capacity of some to give, the result being that the misery of poverty continues with little chance of immediate change.  At PaP we believe that people have a responsibility to manage their resources well and as such, have every right to ask the hard questions about their giving.  We also believe there is a better way!  If you donate funds to a cause, the power of that resource stops right there with the recipient (other than a slight ripple effect).  If we were to use those same funds to help a family establish an income, then allow them to go on to repay the loan out of profits, the power of that same resource could continue indefinitely.  Eventually $50 can become $500 as you go on to use the resource 10 times or more.  We also believe that it is often counter-productive to donate funds.  Our experience strongly suggests that people who have a stake in their own recovery achieve far better results in the long term.  They do not waste valuable time and resources looking for handouts and are more inclined to seek answers to their own problems and bring about lasting, permanent change, rather than becoming dependent upon charity.  Of course there will always be a need for charity particularly in the case of emergencies and disasters but as a general rule we believe it can be counter-productive.