Ngorn Bou

For construction, innovations, repair and maintenance stuff, Ngorn is our man.  He was only able to finish Grade 7 due to a rather notorious past as a teenager, but through informal apprenticeship, and sheer hard work, Ngorn was able to equip himself in various essential life skills from masonry, carpentry, metal works, electrical, electronics and agriculture. These skills are really very helpful in his role now as part-time Technical Advisor to our KYDC yardman and agriculture staff. But most importantly, his transformed life in the Lord Jesus is undoubtedly his greatest asset now as he helps his wife Thuren minister among the churches that got weakened by the recent mass exodus of the working class into factories. Friends and family alike hold him in high regard, paying attention when he speaks, and get ushered into the Lord’s manifest presence with the melody of Ngorn’s guitar.