Rowena Estrebilla

Coming in to Cambodia shortly after having been married to Jose in 1996, Rowena has found much of her life closely woven with the fabric of the Cambodian church’s growth, especially in the area of children’s ministry. She is a licensed teacher by profession, with years of experience in early childhood education. By taking in Cambodian college students to live with their family while working in Phnom Penh, the Estrebilla’s have helped start a dormitory that is now entirely run by a Cambodian disciple after the family moved back to Takeo Province to start the PaP ministries. Now, she is spearheading the Cambodia Child Development Program (CCDP), providing training, mentor-ship, and much-needed psycho-social and spiritual support to the CCDP team members and children’s ministers from participating churches.  The Estrebilla’s also provide close leadership and guidance to the newly revived Khmer Youth Development Center (KYDC) Dormitory by living on-site with the staff and the students of the Center.