Thuren Pin

This humble lady with a contagious laughter is another wonder of God’s transforming power. She was one of the first three children’s ministers that Rowena has mentored in Takeo since 1997. But having attended only the Fifth Grade, Thuren grew up through adolescence with a very low self-esteem. After staying with the Estrebilla’s for one year, Thuren attended the CBI Church Planter and Pastoral Ministry Training Program, which she really painstakingly engaged until she finished the two-year course. Her weakness in academics was overshadowed by her great heart for God and His church, especially the children. Now, many of her former Sunday School students are still closely relating to her, fondly calling her Ma Ren and dearly remembering her love and care as they were still growing up in the Lord. Thuren’s contribution to the CCDP Training Team is indeed invaluable as she stands before the young children’s ministers they are trying to mentor, silently shouting Paul’s message: “His strength is perfect and is made manifest in our weakness.”