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CCDP Project # C002

The Cambodian Child development project (CCDP) is all about encouraging rural village children to believe in a better future.

The Cambodian child development program (CCDP) reaches out to village preschool kids and their families. It’s about teaching families to value learning, to re think long standing misconceptions about education. The program also equips teachers to share the good news, God’s love and hope for each child.

Too often young children are left to fend for themselves while parents are at work or out in the fields; the village Preschool doesn’t just provide a safe haven. At these small schools children learn the basics of reading and writing. They learn to respect their elders and embrace community values. they’re encouraged to value education and to dream of a better future.

The CCDP project is delivered through a team of dedicated Khmer trainers. These key people train and equip lay teachers, develop materials, curriculums and provide on the job mentoring. The village Church provides space, equipment and sometimes helps to fund the teachers meagre salary.

As part of this program PaP train and equip Sunday school teachers and youth workers to provide bible based Christian education to local children.

Through the CCDP project the PaP team has produced “the Beloved Child”, a complete teaching series, particularly relevant to village life.

While “The Beloved child” has been developed for Khmer children, once translated, it can be used in any village right throughout Asia.

The CCDP project currently impacts thousands of village children and their families each and every week.

Funds directed to this project provide: –

  • Wages for 3 dedicated trainers to run the bi weekly training seminars, provide classroom visits and offer one on one training if needed.
  • Transport costs for our trainers to visit trainees in their own village. Villages are spread over a 3,500 square kilometre area.
  • A venue, training resources, meals, transport costs and hand out materials for trainees who attend PaP bi weekly training events.
  • Limited support for at least 6 village preschool startups each year.
  • Support office operating costs.
  • Teaching resources, laminating, printing, binding and distribution.

PaP urgently need 15 sponsors able to provide $50 each month.

2017-18 project budget $23,340.00 AUD

Funded to date $14,200.00 AUD

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